Monday, March 9, 2015

Tidbit: WhatsApp Calling...Scam or Not?

Why beat around the bush…the WhatsApp (a messing app that allows you to send and receive messages on your phone without having to pay) invite to test its newly developed free calling feature is definitely a scam.

This being said, here are the particulars:
Scammers, cyber-scammers to be exact, are inviting users to test this new calling feature on their phones. In order to do so, you must invite a minimum of ten friends before you can actually continue. This also sets up those ten or more friends for the scam. By clicking the “Continue” button on the invite, you are asked to fill out a survey to make this feature available to everyone, but in actuality it is a means of luring you further into the hoax.  One news source, Daily Star, mentioned you are asked to download software that may contain dangerous malware. Of course this is nothing new, just a new spin to an old con. Let’s be careful out there and in considering whether to click on the invitational link, keep in mind WhatsApp has not officially announced the calling feature. 

As published in previous post, be careful on clicking on links and downloading files from unknown sources. Even if your email is from someone you know, it doesn't hurt to give that person a call or text them to see if they actually sent you a link and if so, is it legit.

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