Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flag Counter

Want to make your blog or website pop?

Flag Counter by Boardhost is an easy and free way to do this. Flag Counter enables you to see which countries visitors to your website are from by displaying the country’s flag. Additionally, a number is shown next to the flag to show the number of new visitors to your site from the country (See image below). You can add Flag Counter to any website that supports images. Adding the counter is quite simple because you only need to add one line of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code to your site. Flag Counter gives detailed instructions which are quite simple to follow. You have the option of customizing the counter or leaving it at the default settings. 

Once set up, clicking on your Flag Counter will open amazing information and charts on visitor activity for your site: Overview, Details, Today, Yesterday, History, Flag Map are site statistic options available as well as the option to upgrade to the pro version.  

If you want to add Flag Counter to your blog or site, go to where you will be on the Welcome page to create your counter. After you have finished customizing your counter click on Get Your Flag Counter button (see image below) and you will be given a choice to register your counter or get the code anonymously.

The benefits of registration are:
·         Enable Flag Counter Management section where you have many additional features
·         Allow Flag Counter to retrieve your counter's code if you lose it.
·         Optionally password-protect your counter's statistics.
·         Prevent your own visits from being included in your statistics.

Once you select Skip or Continue, you will have access to the code for your counter; actually you are given two choices for your code: one for websites and the other for forums. Additionally, this page shows a sample of the counter you created from customizing your counter.

Just copy the HTML code needed for your site and paste and save it where you want the counter to appear. Follow the instructions for adding code to your site as directed by whatever application/platform you used to create your site.

Flag Counter was installed here, but for a more active counter visit another one of my sites at and while there, check out Feedjit which will be the topic of my next post.

As always, please email me with topics you are interested in knowing more about and let’s have a good time learning together.  

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