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As mentioned in my previous post, Flag Counter, here is a post on Feedjit which is a live traffic feed app. It shows visitors to your blog or Website in real time, giving the country and city the visitor is from and the country flag as well as the page on your site they visited and the time. If the visitor is clicks a link on your site that opens in a new window, it will show when the visitor left your site and where the visitor went.

The image below is what you will see when you click the Real-time view link on your Live Traffic Feed. It shows icons with the individual visitor by Country, Browser, Operating System and Website. Additionally, next to the icons it has a long description showing country, city, the name of the Website and the page on the Website each individual visitor viewed.

Adding Feedjit
To add Feedjit to your site, go to You will be on the welcome page showing how to customize your feed. To customize (See image below) the way you want Feedjit to look on your site, select which platform you are using i.e, Blogger, WordPress etc. and click Go! You will be directed to a page with the instructions and code for that platform.

Below is an example of the instructions and code for

Instructions from for
  • Sign into your WordPress blog or website
  • Go to Appearance and then the Widgets submenu.
  • Add a text widget to your sidebar. You should be able to drag the text widget from the list of widgets on the left into your sidebar.
  • Give it a title and then paste in the code below.

It’s quite simple to have up and running.

Instructions from for Blogger:
  • Feedjit has created a two-step installation process for those using the Blogger platform. Once you have selected Blogger Blog and clicked Go!, click Step 1 and sign into your Blogger account in a new window and then close the window. If you are already sign in the go to Step 2 to install Feedjit. 

  • Alternatively, you can sign in to your Blogger account for your blog, on the dashboard click Layout in the menu, click Add a Gadget, select the HTML/Javascript, give the gadget a heading, copy and paste the code from Feedjit below the body and save your changes. Now Feedjit should be up and running.

You can visit my site at to see a Live Traffic Feed in action.

As always, please email me with topics you are interested in knowing more about and let’s have a good time learning together.  

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