Sunday, January 22, 2012


Scareware is malware which is software that is design to specifically damage your computer connected to the Internet. As the name implies, it is a pop-up that scares, tricks and yes, makes you panic as it is disguised to look like a legitimate warning from a security software company. This pop-up that makes you panic is usually a warning that your computer is at risk i.e. infected by a virus, scaring you into making a purchase of fake security software from scammers.

The only things wrong with clicking to make this purchase is that you have given these criminals sensitive personal information so they could now make exuberant purchases and/or possibly sell your information to others (identity theft). Additionally, you are given a false sense of security pertaining to your computer because if it was not at risk before, it certainly would be at this point.

Use common sense while using the Internet and not be intimidated into using sites and/or products you are not familiar with or did not previously purchase the products. Stay clear of pop-up windows intimidating or enticing you into purchasing products; close out the pop-up window and continue with your task.

More detailed readings on malware were posted under the October 2008 post titled “Phishing” and Feb 2009 post, titled “In-session Phishing”.  Remember to diligently check for reviews from reputable sites on the security products you intend to purchase and also consider the company you are purchasing it from.

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