Saturday, June 4, 2011

Google's E-guide To The Web

In light of Google’s stance Wednesday on discontinuing support of older popular browsers for Google Apps, their wonderful E-guide (similar to an illustrated children’s book) released in November 2010 and titled 20 Things I learned About Browsers and the Web, will give insight into the use of modern browsers and their impact on how we view and use the Internet.

Some of the topics covered in this E-guide are:
• What is the Internet
• Cloud Computing
• Web Apps
• Plug ins
• Browser Cookies
• Browser Privacy
• Malware, Phishing and Security Risks
• Open Source and Browsers

As stated in the E-guide, just remember it takes a modern browser to take advantage of most of the Web’s modern features. If we are or are not seasoned user of the Internet, this E-guide has things to offer every user. Try it out and let me know your opinion.

As always, post your comments, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!

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