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Monday, December 6, 2010

Google eBooks

Today, Google launched its eBook program. The program makes books available via the cloud using almost any device with Internet access such as Smart Phones - Android phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch; eReader devices - Barnes & Noble Nook and Readers from Sony; and browsers with Java Script enabled. Google eBook stores your books securely in a digital cloud making them available to you no matter where you are. The library contains hundred of thousands of books to purchase and more than 3 million free eBooks. When returning to a book you were previously reading, you will start to read where you left off in your previous reading session. This is made possible using the Google eBook application. The app also allows syncing of your reading position across all the devices for continued reading.

You can purchase your Google eBooks from the Google eBookstore or from an independent bookseller. At the present time, purchasing books can only be done from within the United States; however, the free books can be accessed from any where in the world. It is also not compatible with the Amazon Kindle.

Google eBooks allow for choices –
•    Shop where you want (not limited to a particular vendor with propriety readers)
•    Use the device where you want (home or out and about)
•    Choose the device you want (multiple devices – used one type at home, another on the go and a third at work)

For more information, visit Google eBook Overview.

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