Saturday, August 28, 2010

TidBit ~ Google Realtime Search

On Thursday, Google rolled out Google Realtime Search on its own Web site. Realtime was originally  rolled out last December as part of Google Search. Realtime brings the freshest and most relevant information up-to-the second from across the Web for your search results; therefore, it only made sense to give it its own home. You can get Realtime updates as soon as they occur or bundled on a daily or weekly basis. These up-to-the second updates are from sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, news sites, blog post etc. Real-time search allows you to receive the most current information on the Web, whether it is breaking news or simply a blog post.

To try Google’s Realtime search and ascertained more information visit the above link or

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AvaByGrace said...

After publishing this post, I realized two things. First, the real-time updates come in faster from sites like Twitter than the blog or news sites. It appears this information is not as real-time as the information on the social networking sites. :)

Second, the link for the home page in the blog post is not working, but if you type the information in your URL ( it takes you to Google Realtime Search. Not sure the reason, but I believe the link will eventually work so I am leaving it in the post.