Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gmail Changes

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Yesterday Gmail Blog announced several changes to Gmail for Mail, Contacts and Tasks. These three most used features have been moved to the top left hand panel making them easier to find. In the same vicinity the Compose link has been replaced with a button.

Another change is the move of the All, None, Read, Unread, Starred and Unstarred links to the left of the Archive button. They are now housed in a drop-down menu above the selection field and as stated, left of the Archive button. There is also a broader area for documenting your tasks.

Gmail has also made some major changes to Contacts making it easier to use as requested by the users so keep making your comments. Contacts can now be sorted by last name via the More action button and selecting the Sort by you prefer. Other changes are custom labels for phone numbers and other fields; the Undo feature is also available for Contacts; automatic saving of changes; the option to use structured name fields or continue with free-form fields; the merging of manual and bulk contacts via the More actions menu; and selecting and grouping contacts have been made similar to selecting and labeling email. Lastly, keyboard shortcuts can now work in Contacts.

If you are a Gmail user, a pop-up window will display the first time you sign into Gmail notifying you of the new changes.

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