Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google Calendar Has New Labs Features

It was announced today that Google Calendar has three new features in Labs; the features are currently not part of the production calendar, but can be tried out during this phase. The Labs features can be accessed through the Labs icon once you have signed into your Google account and gone to the Google Calendar page.
These new features are:
Event Flair – When this feature is enabled it has 40 icons to choose from to place next to your activities ranging from a piece of cake to an island vacation. After you enable this feature, click on an event and look for the “Event Flair” icon to enable it. Keep in mind that this icon will be visible to all attendees of the event so chose appropriately.
Gentle Reminders – when this feature is turned on, there will be no annoying pop-ups to interrupt your work. The calendar window or tab would blink to gently remind you of an event.
Automatically Declining Events – when this feature is turned on, it blocks off time during which you are not available, and automatically declines invitations during this period of time.
These three new features can add customization to your calendar, but keep in mind that the features in Labs, as the name implies, are experimental and can break, change or disappear at any time.
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