Monday, January 25, 2010

Acer's eBook Reader

Acer, the world’s second largest computer vendor has announced it will be releasing its first electronic book reader (eBook reader) June 2010. The reader will have a 6-inch monochrome screen. Along with this, they will also be offering an online electronic store. These two initiatives are aimed at boosting company profits which is always the bottom line. Acer’s eBook reader will be sharing the market with similar devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s Reader and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. In addition to the release of its eBook reader, Acer plans to release its very own netbook in the third quarter of the year with Google’s Chrome operating system installed in a percentage of these computers. There is also talk of Acer releasing its own Tablet but the information is not concrete. May be after Wednesday, 1/25/2010, when Apple launch’s its Tablet, Acer would be more forthcoming with the details.

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