Tuesday, December 22, 2009

End of Life for OpenOffice.org 2.x

With the upcoming release of OpenOffice.org 3.2, the folks at OpenOffice.org formally announced today the end-of-life status for its legacy version 2.x series of the productivity suite. In a nutshell, the end-of-life status means that if you continue to use this legacy version of the software, you will loose Community support as a whole for patches, bug fixes and security updates.

It is always recommended to upgrade to the latest version of software to receive the benefits of any new features, bug fixes and security improvements over the previous versions. Additionally, there is only so much time that is given for support of legacy software.

Technically, you can still use the legacy versions but the Community support as a whole will not be in place to help with problems. This requires time and human resources that have already been diverted to deal with problems and enhancements to the newer versions of the software.

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