Monday, October 19, 2009

Passwords Revisited

Due to the recent users’ credential compromise of some email accounts (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, some AOL, Comcast and EarthLink’s accounts) as well as it being National Cyber Security Awareness Month, makes this the perfect time to revisit passwords. Previously we discussed in detail creating and using strong passwords see and Upon investigation of the Hotmail incidents, it was discovered that the majority of people whose passwords were compromised used weak passwords. An example of this is using “12345” as their password, but I know Web Bytes Blog readers would not be among this group because you have read my previous password blogs and you practice the tips you get here :)

There are software applications that can help with the creation and management of strong passwords if you prefer not to handle this part of your computer security. Some of these applications are Lastpass password manager which has a free and premium version, Roboform which also has a free and pro version, StickyPassword, AnyPassword which has a free and pro version, Password Director, and Safe-n-Secure password manager.  To visit the Web sites for these applications just add .com to the name in your browser and you will be directed there.

In addition to creating and using strong passwords, the security suite you use to secure your computer and other maintenance practices are very important to ensure you are doing all you can to protect your assets and identity. Don’t just have these applications installed on your computer. Make sure they are updated as they should, if for some reason the applications are not automatically updated. Below are some links to previous Web Bytes Blog posts in connection to securing your information and your computer. Additionally, you can do a search on Web Bytes Blog to find more blog posts on security.

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