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I first used Doodle while taking part in a poll to determine the date and time most appropriate to schedule a training session and it really works. The date most convenient for all involved through the poll was chosen for the training. Doodle eliminated the going back and forth either through emails or by phone to arrive at a schedule that was doable for all.

In its basic form, Doodle is a free online tool that aids in the scheduling of appointments, lunch, conference calls, family reunions, movie night etc. with no download or registration required. You can also create your very own poll for such activities/events/things as movies, menus, travel destinations or any other selection you are interested in. The Doodle site ( has step-by-step instructions for creating your poll and scheduling an event. Once you have created your poll, you will invite others to vote for their preference of time or activity as the poll directs. Registration is not required as previously mentioned to use Doodle, however, by registering for a Doodle account you have access to more features as well as keep track of the polls you initiated and participated in. Doodle also has two paid for products (Premium Doodle and full Branded Doodle) that are not ad-supported as with the free products. The Functions and Products link below will give you a comparison of the various features for each product level.

Doodle can also connect to your calendar allowing you to create polls from within the application such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Lotus Notes. You can start your poll within your calendar application and invite people to participate in the poll using your address book. You can sync your calendar based on your participation in the poll or the final date. There is an installation guide and user manual for the Outlook plug-in. You can change your calendar integration under “Manage Account” once you have created a MyDoodle account.

Give Doodle a try for your next scheduled event or create a poll for that ultimate spot for your next family reunion (

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