Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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…in 2009 – Microsoft unveils Project 2010 (the beta version) at their Microsoft Project 2009 conference building on the foundation set by the Microsoft Project 2007. The beta Project 2010 will become available later this year to the public but you can pre-register at starting today. In response to this, it was said that this is the most significant release of Microsoft Project in over a decade by one of its senior vice presidents.

…in 2004 – Firefox 1.0 PR debuts. unveiled its much anticipated alternative for Internet Explorer. Firefox 1.0 PR is the pre-released version or beta version for this browser. The features on this first version included Live Bookmarks, allowed for RSS feeds, a built-in Google toolbar, view more than one Web page at time, customization options and of course a built-in pop-up blocker.

…in 1997 – Microsoft Corporation unveiled its improved Web TV in its ongoing effort to increase its share of this market

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Project 2010

Firefox 1.0PR: a first look,1000000193,39166826,00.htm

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