Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ning Apps

A few months ago I wrote on the social networking platform, Ning. For those of you who took this information and created your own social networking site through Ning the below information would be of interest to you and to those considering this platform, the information may help you decide.

Ning has made available multiple applications to enhance your site and encourage greater interaction for members. The addition of these new apps brings the total to over ninety which will expand and enhance you and your members’ experience. Because these apps were created specifically to work with Ning, their integration into your network would be smooth and uneventful. As the creator of the network you would control the apps through the Manage tab as with other Ning apps.

Some of these recently available apps are:
SocialGiving by Pinc – raise awareness and money for your cause
Sellit – create income by importing an existing store or creating a new one
Huddle workspaces – let members collaborate on files and discussions – add interactive video streaming and chat services
WordPress – to display your blog post on your Ning network
PollDaddy - you can display custom polls for your social network
Twitter Tracker - Track mentions of your favorite terms across Twitter – if you are tired of emails and phone tag, this app makes it fast and easy to make meetings happen

There is an additional eight relatively new Ning apps you can check out to see if the addition to your network would be advantageous for all. Check the links section below and this link (once you have signed into your network) for more information.

I will keep you posted when new Ning apps are ready for implementation.

As always, post your comments, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!

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Introduction to Ning Apps

Adding a Ning App

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