Monday, August 17, 2009

Free Software for Back-to-School or...

Hi all ~ I haven’t written for awhile so I thought I would recap the use of some of the free software previously written about on Web Bytes Blog that would help ease the budget constraints while doing your back to school shopping. At this time of year, some have already gone back to school and others will follow shortly so below are some software applications for either download or online that can help with the cost of being productive and professional. As mentioned, the software listed here was previously written about extensively on other Web Bytes Blog post so the links would be given. To help maximize your time spent achieving your software needs for back to school, I have placed the links to the actual software at the end of the post under “Links”. (OOO) is one of the very first freeware productivity suites written about on Web Bytes last year. This download will save money on your writer, spreadsheet, database, presentation and calculation as these applications are part of this productivity suite. Another plus of OOO is the ability to save files as PDFs. See for the first post on OOO and do a search for the rest if you are interested.

Spybots Search & Destroy is free software that can be used as part of your computer maintenance/housekeeping regime. This application scans your computer for spyware and Malware (Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, dishonest Adware, etc.) and can be always on with the Tea Timer feature. See

Google Voice is an application that works as a go between your phone number and the outside world. You can use the Google Voice number when you do not want your actual number to be known. This is an online application (Web based or Cloud computing, which ever terminology you prefer) and is by invite only as of now so if you are interested in this application you need to follow the link for Google in the “Links” section below and request your invite. See for the details on all the features that come with this free online application.

Gmail’s Mail Fetcher is a way to save time on accessing your email accounts by consolidating them into one Gmail account. If you already have Gmail you can add five additional email accounts to it and read all your mail with one password and one account. If not, check the “Links” section below and sign up for this free email account. Read the entire post at

AVG Anti-virus free edition is said to be more effective than other free anti-virus software applications. See entire post at

PrintWhatYouLike is a free online eco-friendly print editor that lets you format any Web page for printing. If this is one of the features you will need for research, check it out it works. See

This is just some of the applications we have discussed thus far that are free and will help with some of your productivity needs for school, as well as home and can even be incorporated into work depending on your organization. I will go through the archived post and see what other goodies are stored there that would be of help for back to school.

As always, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!

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