Saturday, July 4, 2009

Google Chrome Release 06/2009

For those who downloaded Google’s Chrome browser there is a new release ( that protects against a critical security vulnerability of buffer overflow in handling certain responses from HTTP servers. The severity of this problem is critical as it may allow an attacker to run code as an authorized user would. Additionally, the release also fixes two other network problems relating to HTTPS where the browser crashes when accessing some of these sites and the failing to connect to HTTPS sites via the NTLM authentication to Squid proxies. NTLM (Windows NT LAN Manager) is a suite of security and session protocols used to implement some of Microsoft network protocols... referring to the authentication of the user’s right to be signed on to the network. Squid is web cache/proxy server that speeds up Internet browsing by reducing the time and bandwidth consumption because of reusing frequently requested Web pages.

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