Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today in Computer History

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…… in 1951, U.S Census Bureau dedicated UNIVAC 1 (Universal Automatic Computer), the world’s first commercial computer. This first generation computer was quite large and probably can be compared to what is known as super computer was the building block for the computers we use today. As I surf the Net, I am getting conflicting dates as to when this event actually transpired. Some articles state June 14 and some the 16th. Since the majority of the articles show June 14th, I dug a little deeper and eventually ended up at the U.S. Census Bureau Website (http://www.census.gov/Press-Release/www/releases/archives/facts_for_features_special_editions/001784.html) and the date is listed as June 14, 1951. I decided to go ahead and publish this information today any way as I felt this is an important part of computer history and should be known…next year is not promised.

…… in 1995, Apple announced its “Partnership in Education” grant recipients for 1995 allowing for the incorporation of Apple technology in the ten K-12 schools and teacher training institutions. The grant encompassed computer equipment, software and training worth $1.5 million

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