Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today in Computer History

On this day
...1978 – On a single Silicon chip, Texas Instrument (known for calculators in 1978) introduced the first electronic duplication of human voice tract through an educational aid for ages 7 and above. This aid/toy was called Speak and Spell and would say a word for the user to spell via its alphabetical keypad. In turn, as the user depressed the key, Speak and Spell would pronounce the depressed letter for the user to hear the spelling of the word. At that time, Speak and Spell was quite an amazing educational toy.

...2006 – Google introduces a new online spreadsheet application, Google Docs spreadsheet, advancing into an area Microsoft has dominated with its Excel application. Google’s spreadsheet falls into the area of cloud computing or Web based applications and in the open source category.

Computer History Museum

Google Combines Word Processing and Spreadsheets,-spreadsheets/2100-1032_3-6124593.html

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