Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today in Computer History

On this day
… 1986 – Supercomputer Center supports precursor to Internet. This is a huge step in making the Internet available to all as we know it now. Originally, the network was government owned and ARPANet (Advance Research Project Agency) a U.S military research network was the original Internet backbone. With the start of this, the government reassigned pieces of the ARPANet to NSFNet (National Science Foundation). In 1991 NSFNet allowed commercial use of the Internet for the first time and on April 30, 1995 the NSFNet backbone was decommissioned allowing the Internet to become a self-supporting industry consisting entirely of commercial ISP (Internet Service Providers) and private networks. Mistakenly, people call the Web (World Wide Web) the Internet, but this is just a service that operates over the Internet. This blog entry today is a brief glimpse into the history of the Internet and how the Internet we use today began.

If your are interested in learning more on this interesting topic see History of the Internet at http://www.glasglow.com/e2/hi/History_of_the_Internet.html or A Brief History of NSF and the Internet at ttp://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/cyber/internet.jsp

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