Saturday, June 6, 2009

Social Networking - Ning Platform

Due to the rise in social networking1, as reported by Nielson Online, a Market researcher, I decided to write this blog post on a specific social network platform. This platform is Ning2 (Co-founded by Marc Andeeson of Netscape and Opsware), which gives one a choice of not following the pack (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) but creating your own. Ning allows you to create your own social network around your specific interest(s), catering to whom ever you choose, while making it public or private. It’s your choice.

The platform is very user friendly and made of templates that you can customize to suit your particular taste. There is the free version which comes with a sub-domain name which includes Ning in the domain name for example, or a paid version which would be a regular domain, for example The architecture allows you to drop and drag the layout of the site with such features as videos, photos, discussion forums, blog entries, events, RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds and of course a “My Page” where individual members can customize to reflect their particular taste. The free site includes advertisements placed on the right side of the page. Creating your own network can allow for family interaction through a family site which can be private, by invitation only; for a particular event such as family reunion; a church fellowship community; craft groups, book clubs, study groups, technology groups as in home computing, projects, etc. The possibilities are limitless. You, as the creator, control the features to add to the site from those available and the levels of authority to give to participants.

The above is just and introduction to the world of social networking and if you would like more Web Bytes installments on this particular topic, let me know. I find the topic quite a fascinating as I have created two such networks and am a member of three other work related communities, allowing for the exchange of information of similar interest and creating new friendships.

As always, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!

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1. Social Networking Up 83% for U.S.


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