Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Update 2

Today I received the periodic newsletter from (OO) and once again I am blogging on this free office productivity suite which has given us a free alternative to the Microsoft Office suite. The folks at OO are working diligently to improve the software and are listening to what we, the users, have to say.

First up is a few links that will help you stay in touch with what is happening with this software. The bloggers provide current and relevant issues and experiences via their use of the software:

Planets - consolidate posts by several bloggers allowing you to find the information in one place ( There are also specialized Planets
Bloggers - (created by members of projects) and Individual Blogs (

Some new features in 3.1 are:

Improved anti-aliasing for graphics. In other words, reducing the stair-stepping effect or jagged edge appearance of text and images…the edge pixels are blended to provide a smoother view of the image. This feature applies to the entire suite but should be more noticeable in Impress which is the suite’s presentation application equivalent to MS PowerPoint
Improvements to comments – Writer offers new collaboration functionality supporting comments between document editors
Text highlighting in Writer with a subtle background color and the SQL syntax in Base, helpful for finding errors
• Spell check is extended to grammar checking
User Feedback Program

For all the new features and a detailed description check out this link and to check out the Community Forum visit the site at

Lastly, want to know how you can contribute to for developing this free productivity software monetarily or with your God given talents? Check this link to get complete information on how you can support this project

As always, submit your questions and comments and let’s have fun learning together.

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