Thursday, June 25, 2009

Google Voice

Today, one of the headlines on was “Google Voice Invites Going Out to Reservation List” so I thought I would give some insight into this free Google-own telephony service. Google Voice uses voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) to enable the linking of an individual's various phone numbers (home, cell, business) operating from one number and SMS (Short Message Service) messaging. Several of the articles on the Internet mentioned Google had obtained over a million phone numbers for this new telephony service. Currently, we are told it is available only for GrandCentral users (the original name for the project), but yet I am seeing it available nationwide for today only as reported on The Today Show. Features of this service include:
  • Call screening – announce and screen callers
  • Listen in – operates like an answering machine so you can hear who is calling as the call is being recorded
  • Block calls – block unwanted calls and have message play to let them know they calls are no longer welcomed---you have reached a disconnected number or the number is no longer in service.
  • SMS – you can send, receive and store SMS messages on your PC and receive them sent you your Google number on any phone as well as respond from your PC
  • Place calls- call any US number for free (cheaper international calls) using your Google number from any phone, call anyone from an email or missed called via the Google Voice application
  • Taking calls – depending on how you set up your settings one or all of your phones will ring when you receive a call to your Google number and the listen in feature will be activated
  • Phone routing – phones ring base on who calls. You can customize which phone will ring for who, set as a group of people, customize or send calls straight to voice mail, the Spam folder or block completely, you decide
  • Forwarding phones – add phones and decide which will ring

Voice mail
  • Voice mail – the voice mail is transcribed allowing you to read what was said and becomes a permanent record. Transcriptions can be turned off is you prefer not to have this feature
  • Listen to voice mail – you can listen to voice mail from any phone or online
  • Notification – you are notified when there is a new voice mail via email or SMS. Email notifications contain the caller, length of the message, transcription of the message and a “Play Message” link enabling you to listen to the message
  • Personalized greeting – you can customize your greeting for a group or individual and choose from an existing greeting or add a new one of your own
  • Share voicemail – this can be done through forwarding an email to a friend, save a copy to your computer or embed in a Web site or blog --- available to all visitors to the site

Note: All the features have settings for you to customize it to your needs that you can learn more about via the “Learn more and get an invite “ link below are:
  • Conferencing
  • Call record
  • Call switch
  • Mobile site
  • Goog-411
  • Manage groups

Pray this brief intro to Google voice has whet your appetite and you will take the ball and obtain more info which will allow you to decide if you want to be part of this ground breaking telephony service and customize it to your individual needs.

As always, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!

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Learn more and get an invite

Clip from The Today Show on Google Voice

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