Monday, June 8, 2009

Backup Applications

Backing up of our computer documents is a very important aspect of computer maintenance as well as security. This task can be done on external disks such as the USB, hard drives etc. There is also online applications that should be considered, some free and some for a fee. Most companies have backup applications for both home and business, but of course we will focus on home/personal use as this blog is geared toward home computing.

First up is Mozy.This company offers MozbyHome which is 2GB of online backup for home users with no setup fees, no expiration of the account and no credit card required to get this service. A copy of your data is stored at a remote location as is standard practice in any disaster preparedness plan for an organization. All that you have to do is sign up for the an account, download and install their software, select the files or the types of files you want to backup and the application does the rest. Mozy also offers MozyHome Unlimited for $4.95 a month unlimited backup for those requiring more than the 2GBs in MozyHome.

Next is Carbonite. This is a completely automated service for unlimited online backup at $54.95 a year. There is no free service, but you can try Carbonite for free for 15 days. The files are encrypted prior to being uploaded and stored at a secured backup location as with Mozy. I guess this is standard operating procedure for this type of service, as it should be. The application check constantly for new information and automatically backs up whatever new info is found. As this is an online application, you can access your files from any computer with Internet access. This service is also available for Macs.

Third is Adrive. This service has three plans (basic, signature and premium) with the basic for home/personal use. The basic plan is free and allows 50 GB of online storage and backup with the ability to edit your files online. Additionally, the basic plan allows for universal access as it is online and can be access from any computer with Internet access, file sharing, upload and download of files, search tools and remote file transfer. If you need more features than the basic allows, you can check out the other two plans at the link below (Signature is $6.95 a month or $69.95 for the year and Premium increases storage capacity to 100GB as well as other features for $13.95 per year).

This is just a few to get you started in investigating this aspect of computer security and maintenance. Don't forget to include Mediafire in your research as we used this storage application with our first Web Bytes Blog eBook back in January. You can check out the article that came out of researching this application at

As always, submit your questions and comments and let’s have fun learning together.

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