Monday, April 20, 2009

Setting Up a Home Network with Windows XP

Before we get into the details of setting up a home network with Windows XP, lets look at the benefits of a network. They include :
  • Share files among computers which frees up space on hard drives where the files are not stored
  • Share printers, CD-Rom drives and other removable drives
  • Share Internet connection among several computers
  • Share multi-player games
With that said, if you like these benefits lets continue.

The decision has to be made as to what type of network would meet your needs ... wired or wire less. If you have a laptop, a wireless network would be the best choice. This allows you to use your laptop throughout the house. If not, a wired network is best for desktops and other stationery devices. This type of network is more secured than its wireless counterpart, very reliable, fast and easy to set up. After this decision, we need to purchase the necessary hardware to accomplish the task at hand. The wired set up may consist purchasing an Ethernet cable (like a thick telephone cord), a wall-plugged network extender kit (which extends the wired network across your home's power lines) and even the services of an electrician if the computers are in different rooms (This is something you don't want to mess with unless you, yourself is an electrician). For the wireless set up you need what is called 802.11 technology. The following link examines the pros and cons of the varying 802.11 technologies as well as Bluetooth and some others

I would be trying to reinvent the wheel to go through the steps of setting up a wired and wireless network so below are some links from Microsoft showing how to set up these networks for Windows XP. Additionally, the 802.11 hardware comes with instructions and software that will enable you to set up the network. I set up my own wireless network about five years ago using Linksys 802.11g and recently my sister's using Linksys also and my niece's using Westell VersaLinkwith the information supplied by these manufacturers, encountering no problems. Really simple to understand and follow directions.



Wireless Using Windows Connect

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