Thursday, April 30, 2009

GreenPrint World

GreenPrint World is a free downloadable software for home users from GreenPrint Technologies. It is a tool for saving paper, thereby, saving you time, money and trees---yeah, go green!

When installed on your PC GreenPrint removes all the unnecessary text and images from a printed Web page. The URLs, banner ads etc, are removed so your printed work only contains the text if you so choose. This is a nifty tool for me since it saves me from having to copy and paste articles I would like to printout and read while on the go to a Word document. By default, GreenPrint is set to load at start up so that it is always ready, is set as the default printer, enabling the ability to print from any application and looks at how to save pages on everything you print.

GreenPrint Configuration is a way to customize your experience with this application. You can access this feature by right clicking the green icon in your system tray and select this option. Here you will find four tabs (General Tab which supplies basic information, GreenPrint Logic Tab which supplies the earth saving features, Printer Tab which shows how this application communicates with your printer and the Reports Tab which keeps track of your savings on pages, trees and money) to go through and select the options you want. The preview of your document shows all the pages to be printed and you can remove pages, remove text or remove images by right clicking the page and select the option. Double clicking a page will remove it from being printed and you can double click it to add it back to the set of pages ready for printing. Once GreenPrint is downloaded you will have three printers installed for this application – GreenPrint, GreenPrint PDF (Portable Document Format) and GreenPrint Mail PDF – allowing you print, create a PDF and email a PDF directly from within the application if you so desire. As with most free software, they have their paid siblings --- GreenPrint Home Premium for $29 and the Enterprise edition for $70.

Just thought I would pass this along to my Web Bytes family. This will be very cost effective if you do a lot of your printing from the Internet and if you need a PDF creator...its free.

As always, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!

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GreenPrint World Free Software

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