Sunday, April 26, 2009

Firefox Fixes

Today's post continues on the same theme as yesterday's, focusing on browser fixes. I guess this is the time for spring cleaning and housekeeping tasks. Although completed prior to Chrome's fixes which warrant a new version, Firefox fixes consisted of a new update to its existing version 3 --- 3.0.9. This new update targets 12 security vulnerabilities in the Firefox browser. These vulnerabilities account for the recent frequent crashing of my Firefox browser while on the Internet. For more information on this topic and all of the intricate details of the vulnerabilities, see Mozilla Security Advisory 2009-14 “Crashes with evidence of memory corruption at and Steven Musil's Cnet article “Firefox 3.0.9 Targets 12 Security Vulnerabilities” at

Another interesting article is on Znet by Ed Burnette titled “Firefox 3.0.9 Fixes 67 Bugs, 23 Critical” which gives us links to three Mozilla Security Advisories and all the Firefox 3 updates since its inception back in June of 2008. If you are interested in this information, you can check it out at

I pray this and yesterday's information on browser security fixes for Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox was helpful to you. In turn, you share this information with family and friends to help with their Internet browsing experience.

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