Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Conficker Worm, Revisited!

Conficker has been quite busy. I have a friend whose PC became infected with the Conficker virus, exhibiting the symptoms noted in the first article below. This has been quite a frustrating time for him. Just as this article mentioned, he got pop-up windows every few seconds warning him that his PC has a virus and click here for protection. This tactic is to get the unsuspecting user to purchase a bogus sense of security. The article called this “scareware” I presume because of the persistency of the fake pop-ups to frighten the user; the so-called program is named “SpywareProtect2009”. Luckily, he didn't click on the installed link to get this protection but after hours of frustration, he called the PC manufacturer's technical support. They scanned his PC for viruses, finding none. Afterwards, he installed the free McAfee protection suite that comes with AOL paid membership as well as Spybots S&D. Both scans were clean. Hopefully, he will be diligent on his PC housekeeping in the future as his system had no anti-virus or anti-spamware protection. Apparently he didn't read some of the Web Bytes posts last year such as, PC maintenance which can be found at, Home Computing Security and Spybots Search and Destroy Below are two articles I received from dealing with current material on Conficker, one from the Washington Post and the other from PC Magazine.

Conficker Worm Awakens, Downloads Rogue Anti-virus Software

Your Conficker To-Do List,2817,2344170,00.asp

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Anonymous said...

thank you ms. ava, as always a job well done. james

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You are welcome James, and thanks for reading.