Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Screencast.com Enhancements

If you created a Screencast.com account from the post on Jing back in November, there are three new features created due to user feedback. These new features are:

1. Optimized display enabling easier to view content thru an 800 X 500 display

2. Content navigation made easier via thumbnails or next and previous buttons for trafficking between public area content, password protected and authenticated folders

3. Thumbnails illustrations file type allowing the viewer to see what type of video they will be watching whether it is Flash, QuickTime, WMV etc. prior to the start of the actual video

According to the documentation you do not have to modify or re-encode existing files for the three new features to be enabled. I visited the site to check on the video created back in November 2008 when Jing was first introduced here on Web Bytes and I prefer the smaller version of the video as opposed to the larger one brought about by the enhancement….you have a choice of whether to enlarge the video or view with the smaller version. You check it out for yourself and let me know your preference.

In addition to these three new features, the folks at Techsmith have made it possible to customize your page through a pro account for $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year and increase storage from 2GB to 25GB and transfer bandwidth rate from 2GB to 200GB per month. Customization will removed Techsmith and Screencast.com branding and replace it with your own including logo, color scheme, headers, footers, background color etc. View an introduction video to customization at the Introduction Video link below or for more information visit the Help Center at www.screencast.com/answers/

As always, submit your questions and comments and let’s have fun learning together.

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Introduction Video

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