Wednesday, March 11, 2009 Security Alerts

For those of you who have installed, the Security Team has published detailed security vulnerabilities in their Security Bulletin available at the Web site or you can go directly there via the links below. You can also have alerts sent directly to your inbox. Joining the Security Bulletin mailing list can be done by sending an empty email to the subscription link below. You can also view archives of the mailing list once they have been published at the archived link below. 

Further information on the Security Team can be gained from visiting the FAQ section of the Web site. We want to thank all of the dedicated people that are a part of the team for giving us options, for making this suite available to us and diligently keeping abreast of all the challenges the applications are facing as well as dealing with them in a timely manner. Thank You!  

As always, submit your questions and comments and let’s have fun learning together.

In His Service,

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