Monday, March 9, 2009

GoalsOnTrack - Bye, Bye, Beta!

The previous GoalsOnTrack Web Bytes installments were written for the beta version of this application. GoalsOnTrack has graduated from its beta version and is now a full production Web application with two membership or account plans – Free and Standard. New accounts are free for the first 30 days (Standard Trial). If you decide to keep the Standard account the monthly fee is $9.95. Existing users who have not upgraded to the Standard account will be able to use the site for 30 days free (Standard Trial). If the Standard account is not upgraded by the end of this period the account will automatically become a Free account with limited features and functionality. According to the GoalsOnTrack blog, more advance and powerful features are forth coming in the months ahead. The new plans can be viewed at

As always, submit your questions and comments and let’s have fun learning together.

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