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Free file hosting made easy

In writing “Web Bytes Blog 2008” eBook, I needed a company to store this file so Web Bytes readers will have access to it. I started to research which company offered a free service and after checking several companies, I decided on MediaFire’s free hosting service for our eBook. It allows the secure storage of your files online for easy access from any computer with Internet access and unlimited up and downloads. You can use this venue to share files by giving the link to your friends and colleagues to access the files. Additionally, you can do this without having to worry about disk space for all this file sharing and having to email the actual file. MediaFire has been included in PC Magazine’s “Top 100 Classic Web Sites” and “Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites” of 2008 (see links below).

The free features include:
• Unlimited storage –
You can organize this storage by creating folders…an unlimited number and also subfolders. This organization allows for easy sharing of files and images in one place

Up to 100 MB per file

• Unlimited uploads –
There is a multi-file uploader so you can upload one or as many files as you want at a time. MediaFire supports any file that complies fully with their “Acceptable Use Policy” and “Terms of Service”

Unlimited downloads

• Image galleries –
Folders also double as image galleries for sharing photos or graphic designs, again in one place and an entire event can be placed in a zip file

No sign up required - Better to sign up in case you need to track one of your files. Registering only requires an email address and password

No software to install

• Files can be private or public, you decide.
Also, you can set passwords for your sensitive files

File sharing is easy. Entire folders of files and images can be shared via email through embedded links, as well as through instant messenger, on MySpace, Facebook (I shared mine here), blogs (as in Web Bytes) or forums (such as

Support Center – There is a support center for submitting questions if the answers cannot be found in the knowledge base area

A FAQ section

The files uploaded to MediaFire, such as eBooks can be sold. However, since MediaFire is not in business of accepting payments for merchandise a third-party collector would be necessary to collect payments from your customers. MediaFire has a recommended company among the FAQ section if you care to explore this option further.

There is a new upgrade to the basic MediaFire account called MediaPro which is a paid for service. MediaPro allows for ad-free browsing and downloads, direct links to files, up to 2GB per file, etc. If you are interested in this service, please visit the site at where you can explore in more detail the features and decide which plan is right for you base on needs.

As always, submit your questions and comments and let’s have fun learning together.

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