Saturday, January 24, 2009

Google's Chrome Update

I wrote a post on Google’s Chrome on December 23, 2008 and as promised, I have been using Chrome on and off since then. What I like about Chrome is that it loads very faster, matter of fact, much faster than Internet Explorer or Firefox (the two other browsers I have loaded on my computers). My only peeve at this point with Chrome is that it does not have a toolbar like the other two I am using. I don’t know if I find this a deficit in the creation of the browser due to habit or what. However, every time I reach to click on features accustomed to, I remind myself that Chrome is bare bones, a true browser, accounting for its speed. 

With this said, there is a work around for some features that can be used in the meantime which involves creating a bookmark and copying code into the URL field. This code is available for a number of functions at

Until a toolbar is available for Chrome, Firefox will continue to be my browser of choice. However, I will continue to check for updates on this as I like the swiftness of accessing the Web and will update you also as soon as I get the info. If you have used Chrome and can give us more input or your perspective, please do so. We will be happy to hear from you.

As always, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!


PS: Just a brief note to apologize for not posting often recently. I have been working on a project which has taken quite a bit of my time, but I will soon get back into the swing of things here on Web Bytes. 

Thank you for your continue support!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ava, I love the ebook! I'm using Chrome at your suggestion and it is the best of the ones I use like you. Since I have AOL sotware on my computer from years ago, I use it for my main emailing for one feature. AOL allows immediate and easy insertion of any link,"one stop shop" you want to send from the page you want to send by clicking on a red heart that displays a menu of choices including "insert in mail".

The feature is not available when you open AOL Mail outside of the software. While AOL opens up beautifully on Chrome. I only read my mail there. Chrome takes up much more space on my hard drive but I love it anyway! Thanks TB

AvaByGrace said...

Thanks Toni for your comments, for trying Chrome and loving the eBook. Yes, I love that feature in the AOL software also.