Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GoalsOnTrack New Release

Last month I wrote about GoalsOnTrack, a free web-based application created by Vancouver IT Services to do just what the name implies -- keep your goals on track ( Since then a new version was launched and if you visited the site previously you’ll see the newer version has a sleek looking user interface. In corresponding with the founder of GoalsOnTrack, Harry Che, he mentioned the many improvements and new features with this new release.

I went through the application tabs and found the following changes:
Dashboard – Shows the “Stats Today” (Hours worked, tasks scheduled, task completed and how on track you are with the to-do list), “My Tasks” (Can select today, this week, 2 weeks etc to display tasks) and “My Goals” (List the number of goals and the category it was placed in).

Goals - Shows the active goals -- here is where you would upload an inspiring picture to motivate you while working on your goals or select one available on the site. The tasks to accomplish each goal are written under the goal it pertains to and a status bar with the percentage of completion is displayed to the right of the task. The right hand panel of the page shows “Views” and “Categories” vertically aligned. Views allow you to see your active goals, accomplished goals and goals that are on the back burner. Categories show the total goals and a category breakdown with the number of goals in each category. Previously, Categories were on the Goals and Tasks combined page.

Tasks – The tasks to support your goals are listed here and you can also add additional tasks, bringing goals closer to reality. The page retains the tasks accomplished today, next week, etc. under “My Tasks” in the right hand panel –you can conveniently view all tasks by due date under “My Tasks” and show goals by the same categories as seen on the Goals page.

Journal – Appears to be the same as the previous version.

Progress Report – Shows where you stand in completing your goals visually. There is a status bar showing due dates and the percentage of the goal completed. Additionally, there is a graph for each goal showing a period of time specified from the “Periods” section in the right hand panel on the horizontal axis and the percentage of the goal completed on the vertical axis. This is another visual presentation of what was accomplished in a fixed period of time.

Time Usage – This shows where the time was spent on each goal in a pie chart presentation (Time spent on goals (hours) and Time usage by goal category) so it is easy to visualize how your time is being allocated in relation to the importance of the goal and the deadlines to be met. This feature can aid in managing your time. The right hand panel shows the period of time in a variety of options – all time, today, this week etc.

I used the new release yesterday to set up a goal with all the tasks necessary to accomplish this goal and found it easy to use. I like the addition of the pie chart as an analysis tool, visually showing where the majority of your time is being spent. Visit the GoalsOnTrack blog to see the fixes to the new release, past updates, to find out what’s new and subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified of future post at its link below. Harry and his staff are diligently working on providing a superb product so let’s show some interest and support. If this software has been of help to you pass it on or if you know of others who would benefit from its use, share this info and links with them.

As always, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!


GoalsOnTrack Website

GoalsOnTrack Blog


Anonymous said...

Grrr! I searched Google for freeware goal software and found "GoalsOnTrack", and every link refers to either freeware software or free online application, but when I visit the actual site, it costs $9.95 a month! Obviously they started out the free way, to be able to develop their product to a quality that they can charge for, but I REALLY wanted something I can use offline on my other laptop that rarely connects the internet! Hmmppphhhhh. LOL!

AvaByGrace said...

Yes, GoalsOnTrack was originally a beta version of what is now available. On March 3, 2009 the production version was released and with it came a pricing plan --- see blog post ( GoalsOnTrack has two membership plans, free and standard with standard being $9.95 a month. Additionally, there is a standard trial version that you can use for 30 days. May be you can try this and see if it would be worth paying for the service or try the free service if you only have two goals to work on. Hope this helps you in making your decision.