Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Verdiem's Edison

Green is said to be the new black referencing computers and the greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) from their use (Wingfield, 2007). Gartner, the leading technology research and advisory company reported personal computers (PCs) are responsible for 40% of the carbon dioxide associated with information technology and telecommunications (Lohr, 2008). This does not include printers and other PC peripherals. The US Department of Energy estimated that 40% of electricity is wasted on electronics that are turned off but plugged in and the biggest culprit is the PC. As previously mentioned in “Saving Energy, Saving Time” October 1, 2008 blog post, get into the habit of turning off your computer when not in use and unplug completely or use a power switch to switch off all equipment at once when finished for the day.

To aid in reducing computer energy consumption Verdiem, a Seattle based company that has made energy saving software (Surveyor) for companies to manage their power consumption enterprise-wide has used this resourcefulness to bring comparable software to the consumer ~ Edison. This is free software that calculates and reduces energy usage. Edison is available at the present time only for Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems and can be downloaded via numerous sites including, and Kevin Klustner, Verdiem’s CEO, stated that overtime they will address the use of power management for Macs.

After downloading and registering the software you can customize the settings via the consumer-friendly interface to put your PC into energy-saving mode. Edison does not shut down the PC it merely places it into a suspended state which saves on energy consumption. You can customize Edison’s settings to define your work and nonworking hours. First set your schedule by clicking on the Schedule tab. For the traditional work week select Monday through Friday or if you work more on weekends, select Saturday and Sunday or evening hours. Then select the Work Time tab, and set your PC energy management controls setting by sliding the slide bar to save more or save less depending on your work time. The Work Power Settings allow you to turn off the display (monitor) and power down the hard drive prior to the actual suspension if you so desire. Once you have chosen your settings Edison will calculate what the effect will be on your PC right underneath by estimated savings in money, energy and the amount of CO2 not emitted into the environment. Here you can also localize the setting of the rate for electricity by inputting the rate you pay in your area as Edison’s default is the national average. Next, click on the Non-Work Time tab where you can save more since your usage will be limited. See Edison’s demo link below for a quick visual overview.

Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI), a nonprofit group of eco-conscious consumers, business and conservation organization, has set a goal of reducing carbon dioxide emission from computers by 54 billion tons, the equivalent output of 11 million cars annually, by 2010 according to Lorie Wigle, president of this group. This goal includes all computer usage (consumer, corporate including data centers), but as mentioned previously, the PC contributes quite hefty to this equation. Eco-conscious consumers can aid in this endeavor by including Edison as a tool to help reduce computer energy consumption. We will keep an eye on Edison to see how things are going and I am interested in your feedback if you have been using Edison or your PC power management system and if not, your thoughts are still welcome. For a list of CSCI’s members visit their Web site at

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Edison Demo

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HealthMan said...

Take a look at HealthMonitor, version 6.2 provides great GREEN features !

AvaByGrace said...

Hi HealthMan;
Thanks for your comment. I visited the HealthMonitor site and the application has a lot of features . From what I can see it appears to be mainly for businesses, if I am wrong in this presumption, let me know and if you are using this application for home computing, please share your experience with us including why we should use this application if we do not have a network. Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing from you.