Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Google's Chrome

Chrome is a new open source browser from Google developed for today’s Web and beyond, embodying speed, stability and security as well as a clean, simple and efficient user interface. It is currently only available for Windows XP and Windows Vista giving the users of these operating systems one more choice in this realm of software we cannot live without to access the Internet. Chrome was officially released 12/11/08 for Windows; Mac and Linux versions are currently being developed. My curiosity got peeked due to problems with two of the three browsers I am currently using and Google’s claim of Chrome’s sophisticated technology enabling for faster, safer and easier web experience. In Google’s write up on Chrome its speed is ascertained from a JavaScript engine, V8, built specifically for Chrome, it also spoke of the use of components from Apple’s WebKit (an open source application that provides the foundation for building a browser) and Mozilla’s Firefox, to help with its development. Accordingly, Google will make Chrome’s code also open source.

Chrome’s features enable you to browse the Web or perform a search in the same box – one box for everything; save or bookmark your favorite Web pages; open the Web in tabs – each Web page has its own environment isolated from the others allowing what is happening in one tab not to affect what is happening in the others, demonstrating the stability and security of Chrome; get to your most visited Websites and searches – this is done via New Tab Page; and download files in a simpler way allowing for more options . Additional features allow you to create shortcuts for your Web applications – called Application Shortcuts; browse the Web without saving information – called Incognito Mode (this feature is also available in IE 8 beta); manage your browsing history; and Isolate misbehaving tabs – called crash control which is accessible by opening the task manager, again demonstrating the stability of Chrome.

Google’s Chrome support page has a “Getting Started Section”, a “Troubleshooting Section” which offers support for “Installation Issues”, “Website Issues”, “Known Issues” etc. There is also a Help Forum where you can ask questions and answer them as well once you feel comfortable enough to lend your expertise to the group. Additionally there is a Help Center, Known Issues Pages and Posting Tips that should be seek prior to engaging the Forum. Lots of support!

Currently my browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox and I have downloaded Chrome for use in conjunction with this and the other browsers over the course of the next few weeks and let you know my experience. The “Reviews” links below give some insight into Chrome’s features and what the reviewers liked and disliked. The MSNBC link compares IE 8 Beta and Chrome. If any of you have used Chrome, I welcome your input.

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