Monday, December 29, 2008


The motivation for writing this installment of Web Bytes was the premise of setting goals for 2009 and to stay on target.

GoalsOnTrack is a free web-based application fashioned on the Getting Things Done (GTD) software created by David Allen to keep on track the goals set. The GoalsOnTrack application was created by Vancouver IT Services, Inc. and has a couple tabs on the top of the application which easily directs the user – Dashboard, Goals & Tasks, Notes, Progress and Timesheet. The main features of the application is Getting things done, See real progress, Track your time and Keep a journal accomplished through the aforementioned tabs which are explored below.
  • Dashboard - Shows an overview of all goals with progression bars and percentages as showing on track, lagging, ahead, behind or if goals have met ~ all very colorful. After the Active Goals are listed Today’s Tasks with the number of tasks to be accomplished today, Overdue Tasks with the amount, Upcoming Tasks also with the amount and Latest Activity listed by the time the activity was created in descending order. All tasks have the time tracker feature (discussed shortly) so it can be started when the task is started. On the right hand corner of the Dashboard there is a checklist of all the things need to be done to accomplish goals every day through the ‘Today’s Checklist’. The un-checked items show what is left to be done for the day; next is ‘How to get started’ which has links to define your goals, add tasks to support your goals, complete tasks and tract time, review progress and time usage; and finally is a section on ‘How to use the time tracker’ showing the total time spent on each task calculated in 15-minute increments. All overdue tasks are pin pointed.

  • Goals & Tasks – This tab show goals in order of entry or can be reset to the order of preference. Under the goals are listed the tasks needed to be accomplished today, tomorrow and later if tasks were listed for each group when created to move forward on accomplishing the goals. There is also an option to add more tasks if this becomes necessary in accomplishing the goal. Completed tasks and how long it took to complete the tasks are listed directly under this. There is also a log of the tasks you have accomplished over the past week. Additionally, you can define your goals by categories such as long-term and short-term etc.

  • Notes – This tab allows for the keeping of a journal on all goals and annotate whatever is consider necessary for attaining these goals. This is done on the order of a blog entry, giving date and time of the posting with the choice to edit or delete the post. There is an archiving feature on the right hand side of the page keeping tabs on older entries by month and year. Above this feature is the selection for posting a new entry to the journal.

  • Progress – This tab gives a detail progress grid of each goal. The grid categories are today, this week, this month and overall showing the percentage and the number of tasks completed from the total number necessary to reach the goal. There is a trend indicator comparing these accomplishments with yesterday, last week and last month. Additionally, an overall feature shows each goal’s status such as falling behind or on track etc. At the bottom of this page there is a link to customize the progress report to the date range as necessary. The right hand area shows the status notes and an explanation of the color codes.

  • Timesheet – Lastly, Timesheet records the time spent on goals broken down in to goal categories and tags, if tags are used.

I just sign up for an account and am currently using this application to see how it works and if it is an application I will continue to use. If you have used GoalsOnTrack and would like to enlighten us on your experience, please share. The “Useful Links” below are for general questions and answers the developers anticipated and a blog to help users gain insight into the workings of this application and any enhancements to the application. If you cannot find the answer/solution to your problem, you can also email support at I thought this was a timely article since so many of us set goals for the upcoming year and never follow through so this is one of many options that will allow us to stay on track.

As always, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!

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AvaByGrace said...

Hi Yandy;
Thanks for reading Web Bytes. Unfortunately for me I only read English so I cannot understand what you wrote in your comment. I would sincerely appreciate you resubmitting your comment in English if you can. Thanks!

in christ, james said...

thanks ava. a good new year present

AvaByGrace said...

Hey James;
Thanks for reading and keep the comments coming. Let me know if they are any topics you would like to know more about in 2009.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Ava,

I finally found some time to read a little and make a comment. I think your blog is a great way to ask computer related questions that normally would take a lot of research and time to acquire answers, too.

My first question:
I would like to find a high-speed internet service that I can implement myself. In other words, I do not want Time Warner Cable or Verizon coming to my apartment.

Magic Jack requires DSL or High Speed Internet service that is already installed, to use there phone service. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Gigi

AvaByGrace said...

Hi Gigi;
Thanks for reading! The only option I can think of in the Tri-state area is Cablevision and I don't know if it is available in your area. If Cablevision is your cable provider, they had a kit with instructions showing you how to make the Internet connect yourself. If you do not have Cablevision the company would have to come to set up the cable access. Let me know what you think and I'll check to see if there is another way. I would also check with Toni on Magic Jack since she has the service in addition to her regular land line. Once again, thanks for reading and I pray you manage your time well in 2009 so you can be a frequent visitor here at Web Bytes.