Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alert - Patch and Update

Microsoft today released a patch for zero-day vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer (IE) 5 through 8 Beta 2. This patch is meant to protect against malware being downloaded unto your computer if a malicious site is visited without your knowledge or from a legitimate site that has been infected. This problem stems from the browser’s flaw in data binding function which leaves a hole in the memory space that can be access remotely. See link below for more information from Microsoft on this patch.

Firefox security updates are ready for download for 3.0.5 and 2.0.019 on Windows, Mac and Linux. This update is the final one for Firefox 2 as Mozilla is not planning any future security and stability updates for this version. Therefore the protection for phishing will also be discontinued in Firefox 2.0 as Mozilla would like users to update to Firefox 3. This would allow resources to be concentrated on Firefox 3 and future versions. See links below for a list of changes and more information Firefox 3.0.5 Release Notes and the Firefox Release Notes.

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