Friday, November 14, 2008

Microsoft Live@Edu Initiative

While researching information on Microsoft Office Live Workspace (OLW) I came across some information that would be of value to students and teachers that read Web Bytes. After a brief write up there is a link to Microsoft Live@Edu immediately below which will give you further information to pass on to the school administrators (Free for K-12 and higher education).

Basically in a nutshell, Microsoft Live@Edu initiative allows students and faculty access to a 5 GB size Hotmail inbox or 10 GB Exchange Labs inbox, 5 GB password protected online storage space, shared calendars, blogging tools, and access to these services on a mobile phone all at no cost to the school or student, OLW and Microsoft SkyDrive (For document storage), Microsoft SharedView Beta (Share your desktop with 15 others), Windows Live Spaces (Set up an area for group projects, campus clubs or personal pages), Windows Live Messenger (Chat, share folders and send messages), Windows Live Alerts (Receive SMS alerts on mobile phone)and Mobile (Live@edu services are available through your mobile phone). This has been around since 2005 but has only been incorporated with OLW since the last quarter of 2007 (Nagel, 2008).

In addition to the above, there is a layout of different deployment options enabling you to choose the one that best suit your needs or fit into your organizational scheme. This is just a brief overview and does not scratch the surface. I recommend anyone interested in this initiative visit the link immediately below for more information and read through all the information provided by the top links as well as the ones in the body of the page. Based on what I saw visiting the site it is a real plus for the academic community and I intend to share this information with those I know working in this community.

I hope this information was of help to you and pass it on to others who may be interested in this application. Email the link to this post for easy navigation to the article and let me know if you or anyone you know decide to give it a try.

As always, email me with your topics and let’s have a good time learning together!

Nagel, D. (March 4, 2008). Microsoft Expands Office Live Workspace Beta Worldwide. Application Development Trends.

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