Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cloud Computing, the Latest Fad or is It Here to Stay?

Cloud computing apparently is the latest buzz words in the technology industry. Simply put, it involves software and storage being on a server on the Internet as opposed to being on one’s individual computer, hence the term “cloud computing”. As long as you are connected to the Internet and have enough bandwidth for what you are trying to access, you can access the information from anywhere in the world and work on it. Your information is stored elsewhere and can be on a server or multiple servers on the Internet. Cloud computing makes it easier to work any where without trying to remember to walk with whatever device you use to transport your files; having to remember to transfer the information itself onto the devices and can reduce the cost of buying hardware. Your information will be available on the server when you purchase a new computer, eliminating the need to transfer your old files to the new computer. Backing up files and/or paying for this service can also be a thing of the past.

Sounds too good to be true! All the big tech companies (Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc.) are involved in some way in cloud computing. Various aspect of this technology is currently in existence today, mainly with companies, but some aspects of it can be seen in Web-based products that we use right now such as email accounts, workspaces like Microsoft Workspaces and Huddle Workspaces (a LinkedIn Beta Application) or even Microsoft Office Live as seen in my previous blog entry has workspaces.

Conversely, security and privacy may be issues to consider when choosing a provider for this service as well as the terms of the contract. Another issue can be related to reduction in front end or client side repair work since most of the repairs would be handled backend or server side, which may affect the small computer repair service. As this topic evolves in future years, look closely and see how the industry giants will handle these and other aspects of cloud computing.

This Tid Bit is just to keep abreast of what’s new in the industry. This is a great time for new trends in technology and cloud computing is quite an interesting topic, one to keep our eyes on.

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Anonymous said...

This cloud computing topic has grab my interest, it seems very recent and I want to know more. Keep posting topics like these, an sending this to a couple of my friends.

AvaByGrace said...

Thanks for you comment. I will try to post new information as I become aware of it.