Friday, October 31, 2008

Spybot Search & Destroy

As promised, sooner than I thought, here is my write up on Spybot Search & Destroy. I first learned about this software from a dear friend of mine (Hi Toni) and it really is amazing. This fantastic freeware by Safe-Networking Limited is used for protecting your computer. The protection is from spyware and other kinds of malware, short for malicious software, which refers to software design to cause damage to computers. Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, dishonest adware, etc. are included in this catch-all word.

There are two operating modes available with Spybot S&D. The first one is the easy mode option which has basic features for the new user. The second is the advanced mode for those who want more control over the features available. The features link below will take you to the features page on the Web to allow you to make a more informed decision.

Part of the support of this product includes a tutorial that walks the user through the download, installation and first scan process. It also instructs you on how to do a scan, interpret the results of the scan, and make a decision on the exceptions, how to remove the threats found and information about the Resident, which are three different types of protection (Immunize, Helper, and Tea Timer) that Spybot S&D offers. Though I feel it would be redundant to go into detail here on these types of protection since they are specifically detailed in the tutorial, Tea Timer warrants additional mention. Tea Timer is always running in the background and if an attempt is made to change critical registry files, it will notify you and give you options to deal with the threat.

In addition to the download of this freeware, there is a wealth of information for the user on the site. If you decide to download Spybot S&D, please take the time to read the tutorial and some of the information about other security issues. There is also information on other products developed by the same group.

I currently use Spybot S&D in addition to the anti-spyware feature that came with my security suite so this write up is from personal experience. As mentioned in my article “Home Computing Security”, more than one anti-spyware system is better protection for your computer. I thank the people at Safe-Networking for making this type of software available in freeware format to those who cannot afford to purchase this type of protection. In addition to my testimony, there are write ups in PC World and PC on the efficiency of this software. Finally, as it is freeware, there is the ability to donate to the cause of keeping the software up-to-date against the bombardment of new threats.

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